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Caldera Spas Troubleshooting

1. PROTECTION MODE (nothing working on control panel). This can happen when you drain and refill your spa. ACTION REQURED – 1. Turn the breaker off to the tub and open the canister housing where you put your Bromine and Mineral cartridge. Pull the cartridge holder our for at least 5 minutes. This will release the air in the pipes causing this mode to appear. Put the cartridge holder back in place and turn the break back on to restore power. It should start running normally and heating. If it does work contact Levesque Spas for service.

2. ABNORMAL OPERATION OR CODE. ACTION REQUIRED – 1. Reset the breaker. These tubs are computers in a way and sometimes just need be shut down and restarted. Leave the breaker off for at least 5 minutes. If it doesn’t operate normally please contact Levesque Spas for service.